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Pasta-kun/ ink 2008

My name is Naomi Sasaki. I am an illustrator, painter.
I was born in UK and moved and lived in Tokyo since I was 3.
I took fine arts/oil painting major at Musashino Art University in Tokyo.
After left school I kept travelling and kept drawing, then worked at organic cotton field in Chiba, Japan and taught guests how to process cotton to fabric.
I have been always drawing nature things around me.

Since 2004, I started business as an illustrator mostly in Tokyo.
I made two pictue books and have done art shows and fair in Japan and US.

Now I live in Flagstaff Arizona with two children.
Started making instrument at Numu Percussion. →shop

イラストレーター/絵描きの ささき なおみ/なよごんです。 

Past art Shows and exhibitions
2018 Craft Show Galleria Salone in Tokyo
2016 Art Show Morning Glory Cafe,Flagstaff AZ
2014-2016 Craft sale Farmers market,Flagstaff AZ
2015 Craft Show FALA, Flagstaff
2012 Exhibition cafe Ohana, Tokyo
2008-2010 Exhibition Tonden Farm, Hokkaido
2005-2006 Art&Craft Show Earth Day Tokyo
2006 Exhibition and workshop Fair trade shop "Grasroots", Tokyo
2005 Exhibition Gallery Cafe Yenyen, Tokyo
2005 Exhibition Cafe Frangipani, Tokyo